Channel Guide 

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Welcome to the Channel Guide hosted by the Hawaiian Channel Swimming Association.  This reference is intended to show historical data and images pertaining to swimming across any of the 9 inter-island Hawaiian channels for educational purposes only.  Swim at your own risk.  Do not attempt any channel crossing without safety support and be sure to follow all local, cultural, state, and federal regulations.  The Hawaiian Channel Swimming Association is intended for recording purposes only and does not organize swims, does not provide crews, boats, and/or captains, does not observe swims, and does not guarantee safety.  The potential display of boat captain and boat information is strictly for historical purposes and is not intended to endorse and/or approve services rendered by any person or any entity.


Updated December 31, 2023

Visit this site to see current graphs of the channels.  This site helps to understand general relationships between current, moon phase, and tides.  The data is not always accurate and sometimes changes closer to the swim date.,-156.745,9

This data rich site is best used within a 5-day window before your swim.  We use it primarily for wind data but there are multiple environmental data sets available.

Visit NOAA sites for local weather forecasts in the channels each day before your swim.

Hawaii tide charts: In general the tides change about every 5-6 hours.  Most channel crossings are between 4-6 hours.  It is best to avoid landing in shallow areas during low tide when possible.  Otherwise starting on a falling tide or landing on a rising tide provide almost neglible benefits to the swimmer.