HCSA established in 1984 has an internationally acclaimed advisory board that focuses on rule interpretations and rule-making issues.   This strictly volunteer board is intentionally small in order to make timely decisions.  Members have limited terms and new members will be added periodically.  An emphasis will be placed on clarifying or expanding rules in the context of Hawaiʻian waters while efforts to bring rules in line with other local, national, and international governing bodies will continue.  

The advisory board consists of the following members:

Dr. Steven Minaglia (USA), HCSA Recorder/Honorary Secretary and WOWSA Level 5 Certified Coach has completed a record 38 Hawaiian channel crossings.  He created the Maui Nui SwimTM in 2017 and has completed the event as a swimmer in every year it has been hosted.  In total he has completed over 80 marathon swims locally, nationally and internationally including Kaiwi Channel, Kaulakahi, double ʻAuʻau Channel, double Pailolo Channel, Catalina Channel, Strait of Gibraltar, 28th Swimming Marathon of the Messinian Gulf, 20 Bridges, and the Triple Crown of Staged Swims (8 Bridges, SCAR, Maui Nui SwimTM).  He was nominated for a 2022 WOWSA Performance of the Year Award for his Oʻahu staged circumnavigation and placed 4th for a 2023 WOWSA Product/Service of the Year Award for his research on cookiecutter sharks, moon phases and channel swimmers cowritten by Melodee Liegl.

Attila Manyoki (HUN) is the current Kaiwi Channel record holder with a time of 12:02.  He is an Honor Swimmer at IMSHOF.  He set the record for the fastest overall time to complete the Oceans Seven that was recently bested in 2023.  He brings over 30 years of active career experience in open water swimming and has completed over 200 marathon swims internationally .

Alessandra Rossi Cima (BRA) has completed numerous marathon swims nationally and internationally including Kaiwi Channel, Maui-Molokini-Maui, 20 Bridges, Leme to Pontal,  Bonifacio Strait, English Channel, North Channel, Cook Strait, Catalina Channel, and the Strait of Gibraltar.

Aby Ortega (MEX) is an open water swimmer and a Triple Crowner.  She has extensive national and international experience including the Triple Crown completed in 77 days, a woman's record for the 36 km Travessia do Leme ao Pontal, El Cruce (Cancún-Isla Mujeres), Por Ellas México, El Reto Acapulco, Oceanman (Cozumel, Sisal, Cancún, Dubai), Cruce Golfo Dulce, Los Cabos Open Water Challenge, Maratona del Golfo Capri-Napoles, Maui Nui SwimTM and Around Coronado Swim. She is currently a World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) Board Member.

Joe Zemaitis (USA) is one of the world's most prolific open water swimmers and enjoys swimming around the world with his brother John.  He has swum over 110 documented marathon swims including 6 of the Oceans Seven Channels, Triple Crown, Triple Crown of Stage Swims (8 Bridges, SCAR, Maui Nui SwimTM), the Ultimate Swim A Thon that included a 10km in all 50 states, and 10km swims on 6 continents in under 5 days.  He has been nominated for numerous WOWSA awards.

Carl Kawauchi (USA) is a pioneer of Hawaiian channel swimming completing several Hawaiian channels and several firsts.  He was inducted into the Hawaiʻi Swimming Hall of Fame, Channel Swimming category class of 2005.  He served as HCSAʻs Recorder/Honorary Secretary from 1986-2023 and is now the ex officio member.

The Hawaiian Channel Swimming Association (HCSA)

Established 1984